Since December 8th, mandatory for the first wines of 2023.

New Obligation - Your Opportunity!
Make the most out of the labeling requirements.

With Glasswise E-Labels, you not only meet the new labeling requirements for nutritional values and ingredients, but you also make the most of this obligation and open a new path to your customers.

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Easily create E-Labels

Be well prepared and publish all ingredients and nutritional information legally correct digitally, so that they are accessible to everyone via a unique QR code. You make the wine; we take care of the labeling.

Try it out right away!

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We offer a wine-long guarantee: as long as your wines are in circulation, you can be sure that all information can be retrieved by anyone.
We guarantee regular adjustments to all legal requirements. You can be sure that you can offer your wines EU-wide without restrictions.
Added Value
Use the obligation as an opportunity for the voluntary: With Glasswise, we offer you room for your individual presentation in addition to the required information. Your customers can retrieve all information about your products via 'Scan with Glasswise', just as you would like to design them.

Why Glasswise?

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily provide all the necessary information for labeling.
Do you want to update your data? You can update the available information at any time to ensure that your customers are always up to date.
Additional Benefits
Share the facts that are important to you, whether it's the story, suitable occasions, the expansion or the origin.
Present your story in the look of your brand. Where legally permissible, we depict your story in your own brand world.
Photos, maps, videos - everything is possible. Through 'Scan with Glasswise', customers can learn everything about you in the way you desire.
Glasswise offers a wine-long guarantee for your labels. With automatic backups and secure access for all customers.
Open Source
We will make Glasswise open-source in Q2/2024. This ensures that the processing and management of your data remains transparent and understandable.
We at Glasswise are convinced of the quality of our service. If you are no longer, you can cancel at any time, and we guarantee forwarding from the QR code to your new domain.
Open Interfaces
Glasswise offers open interfaces and integrates selected administrative software. Do you want to know if your cellar software is already supported? Contact us.
Concierge Service
You know you have to... but have no time? We also offer the option of being cared for by us: send us all necessary data in any form, and we will take care of the rest.

We are not just tech nerds, but avid wine lovers. With Glasswise, we transform a bureaucratic obligation into a real opportunity for vintners. We are not creating a by-product of a marketing agency, but an initiative that stems from our deep passion for wine and technology. We fully stand behind Glasswise and see it as a real opportunity to create substantial added value for the wine industry.

David Wippel
Founder of Glasswise
David Wippel Gründer von Glasswise

Glasswise E-Labels:

Our automatic Glasswise assistant guides you through the entire process: As a customer, you benefit from the automatic calorie calculator, predefined and freely selectable additional information, the option of automatic translations into all 24 official EU languages, and a user-friendly interface for easy input.

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