Expand your service offering with Glasswise E-Labels

Winemakers have surely asked you how they can handle the QR code on the bottle labels. After legal and technical research, have you concluded that it doesn't fit the core of your offerings?

The Glasswise Partner Program

Glasswise offers a specialized software solution for E-Labels. We are looking for agencies and printers with good relationships to vintners to grow together.

Comprehensive Services
As a partner, you can offer your clients the entire range of Glasswise services and customize them individually.
Stronger Customer Loyalty
By providing excellent service and integrating our solutions, you strengthen your relationships with your clients.
Technical Support
Complete technical back-end support, enabling agencies and printers to focus on customer service and sales.
Marketing Tools
Access to customized marketing materials for effective promotion of services.
Easy Integration
Seamless integration of Glasswise services into your agency or printer's existing offerings to ensure smooth operations.
Revenue Sharing and Co-Branding
Take advantage of our partnership model with revenue sharing and strengthen your brand through co-branding options with 'by Glasswise'.

Become a partner in three steps

Arrange a non-binding onboarding appointment with us. We guide you through the customer care process and explain all the benefits Glasswise offers.
As a partner, you gain access to our partner portal and can support your clients in all steps - from account setup to the print-ready QR code.
Benefit from our attractive partnership model and tap into a new market segment together.

Why Glasswise E-Label and not do it yourself?

We are not just tech nerds, but avid wine lovers. With Glasswise, we transform a bureaucratic obligation into a real opportunity for vintners. We are not creating a by-product, but an initiative that stems from our deep passion for wine and technology. We fully stand behind Glasswise and see it as a real opportunity to create substantial added value for the wine industry.

David Wippel Gründer von Glasswise
David Wippel
Founder of Glasswise

It might seem tempting to implement the E-Label yourself, for instance, by linking it directly to your own website or shop. But beware: Strict regulations against marketing and e-commerce in connection with statutory E-Labels carry high risks. Non-compliant implementation can lead to legal issues for vintners or constant need for updates to keep up with legislation.

  • Technical Availability: Glasswise guarantees a ten-year availability of the E-Labels. This technical detail/challenge can significantly tie up your own resources.
  • Legal Timeliness: Constant adjustments to legal frameworks require expertise and are time-consuming, which is often not profitable on a small scale for each agency.
  • Central Maintenance and Operation: A central solution makes maintenance and updates more efficient, saving costs and effort.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Glasswise allows connections to cellar books, Product Information Management (PIM) systems, and marketing tools, ensuring seamless integration and data consistency.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: Partners can focus on their strengths while Glasswise takes care of the technical and legal management.

Wine-Long Guarantee!

The ten-year availability of E-Labels offered by Glasswise includes comprehensive technical requirements, such as ongoing operations, continuous maintenance, and technical updates. These aspects require a robust infrastructure, high-availability servers, regular backups, security updates, and adaptation to changing technologies. These conditions ensure that system failures are avoided and data integrity is maintained. By relying on Glasswise, agencies can bypass these extensive technical challenges and focus on their core competencies.


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