Simple Administration, Maximum Control

Our intuitive admin interface gives you full control and complete transparency.

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Simple and Convenient

Custom Spaces and Efficient Templates

Create tailored descriptions for your wines and winery and use our efficient templates for certificates and awards - without the hassle of handling logos.

Custom Product Descriptions:
We give you the space to emphasize the uniqueness of your wines and your philosophy.
Click and Use:
Effortlessly select suitable certificates and prominently display them with their respective logos.
Expansion Guarantee:
Missing a certificate? A quick note is enough and we will immediately expand our selection.
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The World is Reading

Limitless Language Support

Your wines deserve global attention. We support all common languages and also regional dialects like Basque, Low German, and Swiss German. Our automatic translations make your work easier.

Native Language:
Configure the entire service comfortably in your own language.
Glasswise takes care of automatic translations where you need them.
Constant Updates:
We always keep our language database up to date.
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When in Doubt: Help

Always There for You

Our chat support is always ready to help you with questions or uncertainties. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your Brand

Support for Your Brand Worlds

We accompany the diversity of your winery and your brands - simple and flexible.

Multi-Brand Management:
Manage different brands and create individual customer experiences.
Simple Billing:
No need for separate accounts; all billing is done centrally.
Customized E-Labels:
Choose the right design for each brand.
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Knowledge is Power.

Data and Facts for Knowledge Gain

Understand your customers better through our easy-to-understand reports and analyses.

GDPR Compliant:
Glasswise meets all requirements of the GDPR.
Anonymized Reports:
Gain insights into your customers' behavior through anonymized data.
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So Simple

QR Code Lists for Your Mailings

Avoid a flood of QR codes on your mailing by creating a handy list and generating just one QR code for it.

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Create as many lists as you need.
Beyond Duty:
Lists also support 'Scan with Glasswise'.
See for Yourself:
Open demo list.

Glasswise E-Labels:

Our automatic Glasswise assistant guides you through the entire process: As a customer, you benefit from the automatic calorie calculator, predefined and freely selectable additional information, the option of automatic translations into all 24 official EU languages, and a user-friendly interface for easy input.

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