Why URL Shorteners Are Important for a E-Label Solution

In this post, you'll learn why it's crucial to choose an E-Label solution that uses a URL shortener.

David Wippel Gründer von Glasswise

David Wippel

Founder of Glasswise

I understand how technical this topic sounds. That's why it's especially important to me to clarify what it's all about and why it's so crucial in the context of E-Labels. Only then will you fully understand what you're getting into when you purchase E-Label software without a URL shortener.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that transforms long internet addresses into shorter, easier-to-remember versions. A significant advantage is that you can change the target link at any time without having to change the shortened link itself.

In the context of E-Labels, this allows for a switch to another provider without generating new QR codes. This is especially handy if the QR codes are already on the bottles and may have even already been sold. This way, you retain flexibility without being "trapped" in a specific solution.

Why is Flexibility Important When Choosing an E-Label Solution?

If you choose an E-Label solution that does not offer the ability to change the target link, you're committing for the long term. This can be risky, especially since E-Labels are used over many years.

Imagine being tied to a particular solution and the provider decides to drastically increase prices. With QR codes already on thousands of bottles, you hardly have the option to easily switch to another software. You'd be stuck and would have to bear the higher costs.

The Safe E-Label Initiative

Safe E-Label is an initiative by software providers aiming to establish an EU-wide standard for proper E-Labels. I valued the initiative and therefore incorporated their guidelines into the implementation of Glasswise.

Which URL Shortener is Used at Glasswise and Why?

I consciously decided against using URL shorteners like bit.ly to ensure that there is no dependency. With dub.co, I use an open-source solution that guarantees flexibility and independence. The special thing about open source is that the software will remain even if the company behind it ceases to exist. This decision reflects my desire for a durable, secure, and flexible solution.


In conclusion, choosing a URL shortener is far more than a technical gimmick. It can significantly influence your independence, especially when it comes to long-term projects like E-Labels. Therefore, my appeal to you: Even if it looks very technical at first glance, take the time to engage with this topic and make a smart choice. It's worth it.

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