The 5 Factors for Choosing the Right E-Label Tool: A Guide for Winemakers

This guide shows you as a winemaker the five key factors in choosing an e-label tool, including legal compliance, user-friendliness, and flexibility to provide value beyond legal requirements.

David Wippel Gründer von Glasswise

David Wippel

Gründer von Glasswise

The EU Regulation 2021/2117 introduces new requirements for wine labels that directly affect winemakers and vineyards. These regulations mean not only an adaptation of labeling but also open up new opportunities in customer communication.

E-Labels are more than just a digital label; they are a tool to build transparency and trust. In this guide, you'll learn how to effectively implement the new regulations and how E-Labels can help better showcase your wines and your story. We will show you what to look for in choosing the right E-Label tool and how it can create added value for your business and your customers.

The 5 Factors at a Glance:

  1. Legal Conformity
  2. User-Friendliness
  3. Flexibility (Avoiding Vendor Lock-in)
  4. Design
  5. Value Beyond the Mandate

The EU Regulation 2021/2117 sets clear standards for wine labeling. Ingredient lists and nutritional information must now be precise and clearly visible on your labels. A good E-Label tool eases your worries in this area: It ensures that your labels meet all legal requirements without you having to delve into the jungle of regulations. It's important that the tool stays up-to-date and adapts to new requirements - keeping you always on the safe side.

2. Easy to Use - Even for Tech Newbies

An E-Label tool should be designed in such a way that it can be used by individuals who don't deal with technical applications on a daily basis. Since a wine label is not updated constantly, it's all the more important that the tool works intuitively and flawlessly when needed. Look for an E-Label tool with a clear, understandable user interface where steps are logical and easy to follow. Good support is also crucial: it should be quick and helpful in case you have any questions. Ultimately, it's about allowing you to focus on your wine production.

3. Why You Shouldn't Be "Trapped" in a Solution

Vendor Lock-in means being tied to a specific E-Label solution, even if conditions worsen - for example, through drastic price increases. Many integrated solutions can put you in such an unfavorable position.

The solution? Look for E-Label tools that offer independence and flexibility. A key element for this is the use of URL shorteners. They allow you to change the target link of your E-Labels at any time, without having to create new QR codes. This is particularly important as QR codes stay on wine bottles for the long term.

An E-Label tool based on open-source technology (software whose source code is publicly accessible and modifiable) offers additional security. It ensures that you will have access to the software in the future, regardless of the fate of the provider. This way, you maintain control and avoid falling into an unwanted dependency.

4. Your E-Label as a Showcase for Your Winery

In the world of quality wines, every detail counts - from the salesroom to the label. An E-Label is more than just a legal requirement; it's a digital touchpoint with your winery. Therefore, it should fit into and enhance the overall image of your brand.

An effective E-Label tool places great emphasis on design and user experience. It should be not only functional but also visually appealing and consistent with your brand. Look for solutions that offer an appealing standard design and also allow for individual customization. This ensures that your E-Label is not only informative but also a visual experience that represents your brand.

5. How Your E-Label Can Do More Than Just Comply with Regulations

An E-Label is not just a legal necessity - it also offers a unique opportunity to provide added value to your customers and to showcase your winery. Choose an E-Label tool that goes beyond the basics and offers innovative features that enhance the customer experience.

An outstanding E-Label tool enables you to use additional features in a legally compliant way. For instance, interactive elements such as videos about wine production or the stories behind your wines can be integrated, without being directly on the E-Label itself. With solutions like 'Scan with Glasswise', you can scan the QR code via the Glasswise website, displaying additional information legally. This provides a platform to legally and directly engage with your customers, whether through feedback options, newsletter sign-ups, or links to your online shop.

These additional features turn the E-Label into a powerful marketing tool that not only informs but also engages and excites. It strengthens the relationship with your customers and actively supports the sales and image of your winery.

Your Path to the Ideal E-Label Tool

We've explored the five crucial factors you should consider when choosing your E-Label tool: legal compliance, user-friendliness, flexibility, appealing design, and additional value. Each of these aspects plays a significant role in ensuring that your E-Label tool is not just a regulatory requirement but a valuable part of your wine brand.

By taking the time to select the right E-Label tool, you're not just complying with a regulation; you're creating value that strengthens your brand and excites your customers.

Glasswise E-Labels:

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